Bishop Precious hinders a true man of God from performing faith healing but enables a conman of the cloth to work a charity fraud. He rubbishes and intimidates experienced as well as outspoken priests. And what is more, the sick and wounded priests are abandoned to their fate. Bishop Precious’s materialistic lifestyle influences Father Cajetan, who takes to amassing wealth and then leads a life unbefitting of a priest. Materialism, maltreatment, murder, cover-ups, cronyism, and the like become the order of the day. Horror! After everything has been considered, who murdered Rev. Father Wence? Can order be restored in the dysfunctional diocese? Can truth be stranger than fiction? Find out in The Diocese of Disorder, the story of a disordered diocese, set in Nigeria, the United States, Rome, and Canada.

“Whether you read The Diocese Of Disorder as a work of satire or fiction,
one thing is clear: there’s a crying need to address the issues raised in it.”
– Dr S. King

“Skillful and ingenious exploration of faith, fact and fancy.
– Dan Brian

“Grace does not change nature, and the corruption of the best is the worst.
Brilliantly plotted and lively paced.”
– Dr J. Cornwell

“… captures a man in a position of power and status, falling to weaker
aspects of his personality. Great Job!”
– J. J. Fatton
The Editor

“Every Bishop should read The Diocese Of Disorder, an insightful novel of
good and evil that touches the heart. And, if possible, address the questions
raised in it as they relate to his diocese.”
–– Sir M. Felixson
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