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Diane Becker is flipping through her mail after a long day when she comes across an envelope with a familiar return address. Although she is almost seventy, Diane is suddenly transported back to a time when she was newly single and in the middle of something that felt so right, but was unfortunately very wrong. As she opens the envelope and views an invitation to return to Honey Water, Missouri, for an anniversary party, Diane becomes lost in her memories of James Hoover, the man she loved completely for over fifteen years—all while knowing he belonged to someone else.

Now with a chance to revisit her past and achieve closure, peace, and maybe a little payback, Diane decides to take other women who also loved Jamie on a journey back to Honey Water, where it all began. As the ladies wind their way back three decades to the origin of their passionate escapades with the same man, Diane and the others reveal surprising details about their lives, loves, and transformations. But as Diane arrives in Honey Water, she has no idea James has already arranged his final act of love for her.

Open Invitation is the compelling story of forbidden love as a woman journeys back into her past, with the help of others, to right a wrong and finally heal her broken heart.

Published: Abbott Press on
ISBN: 9781458216298
List price: $3.99
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