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Reflections in the Ripples
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A lake untroubled by the wind can be as reflective as a mirror. However, with the slightest breeze the surface is agitated and the reflection is no longer clearly represented. The reflection is distorted and the small details that make up the complete picture can no longer be discerned. Our lives are similar to lakes in this instance. We look upon our lives trying to see ourselves as we are but the surface is constantly moving and disturbed by the moments that define us. This is why we must look beneath the surface where no matter what commotions are occurring above, the image remains unaffected and motionless and things appear as they truly exist. Then we can properly envision our current state and make appropriate decisions to bring about necessary changes.
We’ve been given a mirror, faultless and pristine, in which to gaze and evaluate ourselves from the image reflected. This mirror is God’s Word. In it is truth and enlightenment for everyone who cares to search for the answers to all questions. Find your “No-Wake Zone” where you can clearly evaluate your current situation and standing so you’ll be able to make quality choices to help bring about desired results.
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