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What is there between Christianity and Islam? Acceptance or refusal? Tolerance or conflict? Dialogue or debate? The truth of the matter is that, from the very beginnings of Islam, there existed a violent confrontation which resulted in invasion, displacement, holy war (jihad), conquest, hostility, and the classification of people under the following titles: infidels, heathens, people of the dhimma (People of the Pact) and others of the like. In the Quran, Allah calls all man to Islam saying that “the religion in the sight of Allah is Islam” (Sourat Al ‘imran 3:19) and that “whoever desires a religion other than Islam - never will it be accepted from him” (3:58)
This book addresses the most important beliefs and fundamental teachings of both Christianity and Islam, aiming to identify the characteristics of each religion and the points of distinction between the two, without making any judgement between the two religions, remaining impartial in the matter.
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