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Seven Steps to Great Leadership

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This book captures the necessary steps that will aid our journey to great leadership. With critical and graphic illustrations, it defines and explains the concept of leadership such that everyone can easily relate with it. According to the book, a leader is the person who occupies the driver seat of a vehicle keeping it in motion and setting the right direction. Therefore, a leader must be able to harness the skills of other members in the corporation in keeping the corporation in motion and getting momentum for the right direction. The author defines leadership as "the ability to use the talents, times and treasures of others to achieve an organizational goal without destroying the peoples’ (followers) capacity for self-actualization, self-realization and self-fulfillment".
From the definition, a leader does not destroy the capacity of others while he galvanizes them towards the pursuit of either personal or corporate goal.
The concept of great leadership here reflects in the definition above. You will become a great leader when you motivate and direct others towards a set goal, paying special attention to their strengths and weaknesses while deploying them to appropriate places within the corporation without destroying their capacity to realize themselves. In other words, a great leader recognizes the needs and the aspirations of the followers. He gives freedom coupled with responsibility. He permits them to be creative and innovative while trying to realize the organizational goal within the purview of the core values of the corporation.
Having laid this theoretical and pragmatic foundation, this book reveals the 7 steps that would bring us to the path of great leadership.

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