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Getting Railed

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Bernadette is young, married without children, and thoroughly bored with her life. Her husband is busy both with working to support the two of them and with his hobbies, leaving her with far too much time on her hands. When Bernadette's friend brings up a recent, tantalizing experience she had with a professional dominatrix, it doesn't take much to push Bernadette into making the call of her life.

To Berndette's surprise, horror and secret joy, the dominatrix, Anthea, sets their meeting aboard a train. For a much too short back and forth trip, they will have a room all to themselves, though, of course, the threat of discovery always looms. On the train, in Anthea's capable hands, Bernadette finds release she had never even dreamed of having.

Getting Railed contains 8000+ words of scorching futanari contemporary BDSM erotica, featuring the petite, bored, walking stereotype blonde Bernadette and the confident, imposing dominatrix Anthea. In the domme's capable hands, Bernadette discovers the release of a side of her that she had hidden away to the darkest depths, knowing that her husband could never satisfy that side of her.

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