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Here, from Somewhere

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Where did they all come from? The people who stopped in Rutland, Montana, in the nineteenth century came from....somewhere else. Some of them stopped and built the town that is, today, a prosperous community. Kate Tudor escaped from her family’s dull store in New York; Laurence Macauley came from England, on an unknown mission; and there were men and women from other states, other countries, other disappointing lives, all looking for a better future in the undeveloped western part of the country. Some were professionals – attorney, engineer, blacksmith, saloon owner, banker, rancher, dance hall girl, livery man – and some just knew that there had to be something better than what they had left. This is the story of struggles, of good and bad, of the beginnings that made here a place to enjoy. It’s a story of determination, friendship, courage, and love.

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