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Blueprint For The Perfect Crime

357 pages5 hours


This unique book evolves from a simple account of a death within an ordinary family into a vast scandalous exposé, a true and topical account showing a fascinating view of human nature, society and the establishment in the United Kingdom

The events have accurately been recorded since the time of Alan Hindley’s death; they combine to reveal an intriguing story. Did he die naturally or was he helped in some way? Nothing is quite as it should be. It certainly looks as if a crime or two has taken place. A lawyer was first to realize there was a conspiracy; how far that extended he did not reveal, without doubt it is far reaching.

The reason the government is making attempts to make the British Police Force accountable for their actions, for the first time in their history, is revealed and there is more... You will ascertain much as the evidence is laid bare and you take the roller coaster on this journey of discovery.

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