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Women Close To Hitler

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Hitler had very definite views on the role of women in Nazi Germany; they were all destined to be wives and mothers. It was their duty to marry and produce lots of children for the future of the Third Reich. Set apart from these ‘ordinary’ women were a select group of others who were particularly close to him. They lived within his inner circle. They spent their lives in a cocoon, closeted amongst the elite of the nation far removed from the bestiality that Hitler wrought upon many of his own people. To them Hitler was a kindly figure: gentle, considerate, and often very generous. He treated these women with great tenderness appearing to them as the perfect gentleman. They loved and respected him to an extent that it is now hard to believe possible. Many of these women, such as Eva Braun, Geli Raubal and Unity Mitford are now quite well known, but there were many, many more women - mistresses, confidantes and companions - that also managed to get close to Hitler.

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