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Diary of Little Red Riding Hood - Fractured Fairy Tales

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This book takes fairy tales and turns them upside down. It is intended for the middle grade reader. Younger kids may like it as well and adults with a good sense of humor should find themselves laughing out loud. It's a fun book to read.

Little Red Riding Hood decides she needs to break away from her mundane life and decides to write a diary to tell her tale. She says she got the idea from reading Diary of a Wimpy Kid but she says she's a girl and can write a diary if she wants to.

She also says she doesn't draw but who puts pictures in diaries anyway? She has a point.

She talks to the wolf and to Little Bo Peep about her plans to escape. They want to go with her.

But things happen. Red Riding Hood feels she is betrayed by Bo Peep and that starts a string of events that rock Fairy Tale Land. Suddenly things are not so boring and Red decides she will hang around until all the stories are cleared up.

Lots of fairy tale characters are here. Hansel and Gretel, Bo Peep, Little Boy Blue, The Three Little Pigs, Jack and the Beanstalk, Little Miss Muffet and more.

If you are an adult and enjoyed Fractured Fairy Tales on the Rocky and Bullwinkle show you might enjoy this story. This is truly Fairy Tale Land tossed into turmoil.

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