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Life Sentence: Cancer Is My Name, #3

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Life Sentence Vol 3
Cancer Is My Name Series-I will win
This is a collection of dark poetry. Some of the verses fight cancer. Others are giving up. Many are dark prayers telling of a beast much bigger than I and asking for the angels to rain over me in a protective shimmering garment made by the angels. A miracle made by the angels which the beast cannot penetrate. I write verses of love for my husband and family. These are the words of terminal cancer for I have been given a life sentence.

Cancer Is My Name series:
In the beginning a diagnosis is given along with a numbness. Cancer? Disbelief. A wave of emotions come to flow like the color in the spectrum, to many to name. Fear, anger, denial, acceptance, fight, willpower, strength...numbness with so much feeling.
Vol 1 is the beginning of the journey. Prayers and confusion. Trying to understand this disease and what am I to do?
Vol 2- The poetry is going through treatment and sickness. Emotions of exhaustion, grief and pain are felt within these words. A calling of miracles, prayer and healing. A light begins to shine and strength is renewed to allow the fight to go on.
Vol 3- Terminal cancer has set in. Is the race over? Denial. No, I will not accept. Prayers and anger arise. More prayers of healing. Poems of fight. Fighting cancer as if it is a man. Fighting for my life. I have questions of immortality and the afterlife...death. And words of death and wonderment. What is it like? What is heaven?
Read of the 3 stages of cancer with poetic stories, analogies and verse.

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