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Nude Town

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There’s a little town up in the mountains of southern California. The town was a popular resort for some years and even the rich and famous came to the town and the nearby lake for summer vacations, because it was cooler up in the mountains than down in the heat of the big cities. However, the resort didn't advertise and gradually people came to think that the town was too far away from the big cities for casual visitors and not far enough away to be a glamorous hideaway. The number of visitors slowly but steadily dropped. The problem was a very gradual one and, unfortunately, not all that visible for a long time.
By the time that the extent of the problem was realized, the town was on the verge of bankruptcy. If the town wanted to survive, they had to attract tourists, lots of tourists. The only group of potential tourists with numbers and money enough to rescue the town were nudists. The only way that the town could attract the nudists they needed was to make the town and the lake a nudist area.
The nudists were due to make an inspection. For the residents of the town, it was go nude now, or go bankrupt.

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