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Lesbian Romance: 4 Volume - 4 Themed, Erotic Lesbian Romance Collection

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Lesbian Romance: 4 Volume - 4 Themed Erotic Lesbian Romance Collection. Fulfill all your lesbian fantasies in this giant lesbian romance collection set. Plenty of lesbian romance, lesbian sex and lesbian adventure to satisfy your every mood and preference. From tender lesbian love to dark and tragic circumstance, this lesbian fiction collection has it all. Plus, you'll save 60% by buying this 4 volume set vs. buying each of the collections separately!

Volume 1 - Lesbian Vampire Romance Collection

Story #1: Bound to Budapest
Story #2: Lured to The Embrace: A Lesbian's Immortal Transformation
Story #3: Confessions of Counsel: "I See Vampires!"
Story #4: When Teacher Bites: Professor's Lesbian Slut

Volume 2 - Lesbian Cowgirl Romance Collection

Story #5: Cowgirl Chivalry: Erotic Mountainside Adventure
Story #6: Cowgirl Bridesmaid: Intimate Reception Rendezvous
Story #7: Cowgirl Rides: Erotic Wild West Vacation
Story #8: Cowgirl Winter: One Snowy Romance

Volume 3 - Lesbian Women in Uniform Romance Collection

Story #9: First Alarm Love
Story #10: To Serve and Protect
Story #11: Mission Complete
Story #12: Anatomy of Love

Volume 4 - Lesbian Paranormal Romance Collection

Story #13: Witch's Mirror
Story #14: Juice Joint Jane
Story #15: Carnival Crush
Story #16: Lesbian Love Magic: Sappho Love Potion #9

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