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Flash Virus Omnibus: Flash Virus

346 pages4 hours


So what is it about?

This is the story of the end of the world - as told by a teenager.

"So as near as I could tell the end of the world began roughly about the time that Billy Carver’s butt rang - about halfway through the War of 1812."

Sixteen year old Briar Gamble is having a bad day. It started with the cell phones singing for Santa Claus. Then came the tanks and the storm troopers. The Black Masks, in their black fish bowl sunglasses. And then along came Captain Albino.

That's how it all started back in October 2012 when I released the FIRST episode of FLASH VIRUS.  What you are looking at now is the first FIVE episodes of FLASH VIRUS - and the first full length novel in the series.

SO - in all honesty – if you have already read those first five episodes of FLASH VIRUS you can probably get away with not purchasing this volume.

But, if you haven’t read those first five episodes – then what are you waiting for?

Santa Claus?

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