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The Basketball Tree (And Other Stories)

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Six amazing children's stories, all in one place. Remember the great stories our parents read to us when we were kids? Here are tales to enjoy together as a family, over and over. Laughter and good memories all in the palm of your hand:

Apples and Bananas: Ever have your food fight over you? Little Johnny needs to decide what fruit to have for a snack. Maybe they'll choose for him!

The Basketball Tree: George loves basketball more than anything else in the world. When he loses all of his basketballs except one, he thinks his days of shooting hoops are over…until he comes up with an idea. No one thinks it will work, but George won't give up. What does happen when you plant a basketball?

I Heard Nothing: A brother and sister argument that gets sillier and sillier, right down to the last word.

The Amazing Family Automobile: Time to take a trip. With a lot of things getting in their way, will this family ever make it to Grandma's house? Their unusual car just might make the impossible happen.

The Kid Over My Bed: Look at the world through the eyes of the monster living under Katie's bed. Sometimes life is hard for everyone.

Larry The Pigeon: Meet a very special pigeon who lives in a park in the big city. Everyone loves Larry, but Mister Zumza the pet store owner thinks Larry is special enough to make him a lot of money. Will Larry ever get back home to his nice, big park?

Children are sure to enjoy the whimsical imagery on every page and remember these stories for a lifetime. There might just be a little hidden meaning in each one, too.

Bring a smile to a child's face by reading to them today. 

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