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The Right Thing

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How often do we have to face making a choice to do the morally right thing? After accepting lodgings with strangers, Dr. Banting discovered that things behind closed doors were not as they appeared from the leafy, middleclass neighborhood avenues. It seemed an ideal situation, financial assistance for a daughter taking care of her mother who was suffering from Multiple Sclerosis, and someone to keep the poor lady company and give the daughter respite. Yet within days of arriving in America, it was vividly apparent that something very sinister and dangerous was occurring between mother and daughter, and Dr. Banting found herself caught in the middle, trying to help both.
Being a psychologist, Dr. Banting is brutally honest about her motives, fears and dilemmas, and reveals the pathology that was festering in the home upon her arrival but intensified into open hatred and violence as the dynamics in the house changed. The Right Thing is a harrowing and compulsive read, where the reader will understand how such abuse can continue and go undetected in a civilized society, and as Dr. Banting reveals her innermost thoughts and feelings, and psychological knowledge, the reader will embark upon a personal journey of their own.

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