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The Heart of Death

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Forbidden! Forbidden! The words play over and over in Sariel’s mind as he kisses Amelia deeply. Sariel’s job as the Angel of Death is to witness and judge souls, helping them move to the afterlife. It’s not to fall in love with a human.

Amelia had been trying to put her life back together and take care of her younger brother Ethan after the death of their parents. And suddenly Sariel came into her life and she has never felt passion like she shares with him. But Sariel isn’t the only supernatural being interested in Amelia, and their love will have to wait.

With the help of the Ethereal Bulwark, an ancient organization created by fallen angels known as Watchers, and his angelic friend Karael, Sariel must protect Amelia from the relentless demonic legions charged with bringing her to their master. For if the evil is successful, it not only spells the end for Amelia and the angels, but the entire world itself.

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