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The Ghoul Hunter's Apprentice: The Ghoul Hunter, #1

302 pages4 hours


There are secrets in the Greene house--dark, deadly secrets--and they threaten to tear Anastasia Greene’s world to shreds…

It’s hard being a young wizard in 21st century America. Dodging the Council of Wizards and staying out of the public eye is tough enough, but when fifteen year old Ezekial’s mentor Stanley is kidnapped by ghouls, Eze loses the closest thing he’s ever had to a family.

Anastasia Greene has lived with her mother and grandparents for sixteen perfectly ordinary years, but when her grandparents disappear, Ana discovers a world she never suspected. Ghouls lurk in every shadow and djinn walk the Earth disguised as humans.

Opposed by ghouls and genies, evil wizards and ancient nightmares, Ana and Eze are pushed together in a fight for survival. Ana must uncover her own hidden past, and Eze must develop his magical abilities if either hopes to find the families they’ve lost.

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