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Diary of Little Miss Muffet - Fractured Fairy Tales

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Little Miss Muffet was not very happy when she found out Little Red Riding Hood had dissed her in her diary. In Miss Muffet's words . . .
. . . .

"Yes I am writing a diary. I know Little Red Riding Hood wrote one. It’s supposed to be secret but I found out about it. I won’t say how but I know what she wrote.
First of all I didn’t like the fact that she called me pretentious. What is with her? I’m called Miss Muffet and she thinks that makes me uppity? Give me a break.
I don’t know my first name. Alright? I don’t have parents. They got eaten by a wolf or something. No one will tell me the story. But my grandparents always called me Little Miss Muffet. Or Missy for short.
Does that make me pretentious? I think not. If Red took time to find that out she might not have been such a jerk."

. . . . .

Things are heating up in Fairy Tale Land.

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