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Gambling For Georgetown (A Jake Logan Private Tutor Mystery): A Jake Logan Private Tutor Mystery

288 pages3 hours


"The tutor character is a new twist in storytelling. If you want to escape, this is it…"
—Monty Lee

"Hysterical for Harvard is just that—a hysterical read… I can't wait for the next book." —L. Collins

For fans of Raymond Chandler, Sunset Boulevard, and all things noir...

It's Los Angeles.

JAKE LOGAN, a struggling actor, accepts a job tutoring MICHAEL, a sleep-deprived seventeen-year-old with strong math skills and an unusual habit of card-shuffling.

Curious, Jake secretly tracks him across the city one evening and discovers the unexpected—that Michael belongs to a team of serious teenage gamblers.  They're learning how to count cards at blackjack. 

And they're aiming to win.

The group's elderly but devious mastermind, FATHER MCCAULEY, is a Jesuit priest who's spent almost thirty years helping kids finance their college educations by showing them how to fleece the casinos.

It's an admirable goal, but as Jake finds himself slowly drawn into the priest's web of trickery, deceit, and probability—

—the team starts to crack up—

—and soon Jake discovers that he's the only person who can save it.

It's a new twist on your favorite old story.  It's fast and fun. It's a JAKE LOGAN PRIVATE TUTOR MYSTERY.

Inspired by a true story.

Approximately 60,000 words.
Second in the series.

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