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Descendant: The Devil's Minions

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Two people separated through time. Brought together through immortality. Destined to be sworn enemies.

The Present- Jason Hook has been forced into a responsibility he resents, one that brings both great power and great sacrifice. Ignoring it could mean the complete annihilation of the human race, while embracing it could save the lives of billions. As the world continues to collapse into the hands of malicious creatures, Jason discovers a secret hidden since the beginning of time, and finds that saving what’s left of the world may be harder than he ever imagined.

The Past- Falko Van De Hemel has led a good life, and his plans for the future are set. But when he is crossed by a man that refers to himself as the Dark Angel, he must choose between a normal life or a life as a god-like creature with an entire army under his command. Without guidance, Falko could fall to the temptation that has been suffered by so many before him. And with the Dark Angel meddling in his decisions, it will take all of Falko’s morality to stay in control.

Descendant: The Devil’s Minions is the second novel in the paranormal Descendant Series. If you like fast-paced action, dark fantasy adventures, pure-hearted heroes, and complicated villains, then Daniel W. Koch’s latest entry is for you.

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