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The Lost Princess Trilogy (Books 1-3): The Lost Princess Saga

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The Lost Princess Trilogy is comprised of three heart stopping adventures:

The Lost Princess in Winter's Grip
Annabeth lives a normal life as a happy girl in a small town. Then one day her life is turned upside down by a Royal pronouncement that she is in fact a Princess! With evil nipping at her heals, Annabeth and Prince Ryan must battle Stone Monsters, Bandits, and the dreaded Ice Witches in order to reclaim her title and dispense True Justice throughout the land.

The Lost Princess in The Shifting Sands:
Annabeth needs to rescue her love, Ryan, from the evil Ice People in the North. But first she must travel south and enlist the help of the mysterious Desert Tribes. They will test her limits, mind, body, and soul, making her question everything she knows. Only by holding on to the true power of love can she make it through. But what if love's power has been scorched away?

The Lost Princess in Destiny's Call:
In the third and finale volume - Beaten and on the run, Annabeth and the Priest must race against time to learn the secrets to defeating the Ice People. When they find an ancient power with the answers they seek, Annabeth learns that the path to saving her love, Prince Ryan, may end in her demise. Don't miss the thrilling conclusion of the Lost Princess trilogy!

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