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A spelling bee competition requires contestants to listen to words read by a "pronouncer" and spell them back orally.

This spelling bee book contains instructions on how to run a spelling bee contest, as well as what to expect if you are entering one.

There are thousands of words listed, with their definitions and hundreds with example sentences containing the word to spell and how to pronounce them.

Also explains why some words are spelt incorrectly which will help to improve your spelling abilities.

Random examples:

Surveillance is a watch kept over a person or group.
Descender is the part of the letter that goes below the body.
Redoubtable is that that is to be feared; formidable.

And more detailed explanations like:

Quodlibet (KWAD la bet), noun, (Latin) -a philosophical or theological point proposed for disputation. "How many angels can dance on the head of a pin was a famous medieval quodlibet."

And there are lists of words that have appeared in spelling bee tests by grade (age groups).

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