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Descendant: The Black Wolf

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A threat no one anticipated. A terrible being fueled by pure wickedness. The Black Wolf has risen.

The Present- Jason Hook has finally accepted the fate he’s been dealt. He knows an end is soon coming, where he will either bring salvation to a war torn world or die trying. But while he hunts the first of the Devil’s Minions, a greater evil begins to walk the earth, and if undefeated, the Black Wolf will reign.

The Past- Falko Van De Hemel has achieved supremacy beyond anything he ever imagined. His strength is unparalleled, his speed unmatched, and thousands of soldiers follow his every command. But an enemy is plotting against him with great will and perseverance, an enemy that doesn’t care whether Falko lives or dies as long as he loses everything he’s worked so hard to obtain.

Descendant: The Black Wolf is the third novel in the paranormal Descendant Series. This fast-paced, action-packed adventure will keep you turning pages well past your bedtime.

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