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Haunted Attic: Dolls & Toy Soldiers Come to Life: Scary Chills, #2

96 pages1 hour


If Jimmy Wilson would have known what was waiting for him in the upstairs attic room, he would never have decided to make it into his own man cave. Scary things were about to happen.

While piling boxes in the rafters he noticed a couple boxes up near the attic vent.Someone, or something whispering his name stopped him from checking to see what was inside the boxes.

When his dad was helping him run cable to the room so he could watch TV, strange things began to happen. The boxes disappeared. When his dad left the boxes reappeared.

That was only the start of his problems. The terror began once he opened the boxes and discovered what was inside. And there was also an evil terror awaiting him that was even worse than what was in the boxes. Toy dolls and toy soldiers came to life. Which were evil? Which were good? Yet this was the least of his trouble.

This is a terror filled book that kids should love. It'll give you goosebumps.

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