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The Black Sheep: Tales of Triumph

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Many years ago there was a very good natured sheep who had a very bad start in life.  This is her story as to how she turned her life around; simply by being pleasant and respectful to all those who she encountered during her long journey through life.  Annie’s life got off to a bad start when her mother died whilst giving birth to her.  Annie was also very unfortunate in that when she joined the flock, the leader at that time was a very nasty ewe called Queenie who bullied her mercilessly. 

Besides having to cope with Queenie’s bullying ways, Annie also had to cope with the farmers’ sheepdog called Sabre as well.  He was very similar to Queenie in being another very nasty character.  It was as a result to Sabres’ bad attitude that Annie eventually got her big breaks in life, and so ultimately she had a lot to thank him for.

This particular story aims to show that where we get off to a bad start in life, either because we are bullied, abused or we handicapped in some way during our early years, things can still come good for us in the end.  The things Annie achieved looked impossible during her early days and yet by keeping calm in the face of adversity and in having faith that things will get better she was able to turn her life around. 

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