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A Hard Day's Nana: A Rumbletums Adventure (A healthy eating story for children 4 and up!)

31 pages8 minutes


Deep in the Rumbletum grove, Harvey Banana wakes to find that his favorite breakfast fruits - the delicious Nanas - are all gone!

But when his friends Billy Blueberry and Rosie Peach tell him about the legendary valley of the Nanas, the three friends set out on an adventure to bring back big, bright bunches of their favorite fruits. Their journey will take them across the big dry dustbowl and up the scary peak, and along the way they'll learn that there's something even more important than delicious Nanas... friendship.

A Hard Day's Nana is a fun adventure for children of all ages! Featuring 24 full-color pictures of the Rumbletums journey, it's perfect for the Kindle Fire or any color e-reader. Take your children on a quest packed with adventure, thrills, laughter and delicious, healthy fruit!

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