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Pappy's Teeth: Cherry 'Maters, #2

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Cherry 'Maters, Vol 2-Pappy’s Teeth
are removable and really cool. He likes to make funny faces when he takes his teeth out. Sometimes he pretends to be a toothless monster and chases me. He puts his teeth in and makes them click when he chews gum. My pappy is really cool. He wears funny clothes when Granny isn’t looking. He is my best friend. I love my Pappy and I bet you will too.
Pappy takes his teeth out and puts Them in a glass.
He makes funny faces and he makes me laugh.
Pappy smacks his gums when he chases me.
He is a hungry monster. A goofy looking zombie.
I want to be just like Pappy with his false teeth,
His Leisure suits, swim trunks, and big smelly feet.

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