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My Life as a Wall street tech ,Advice for aspiring Tech Heads

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I was looking at my book-sale logs and noticed a major spike on one of my how to be a A+N+ Guide eBook, this was the inspiration to make me share my knowledge and experience about being a CompTIA certified industry professional with 12 years solid Wall Street tech, Trade floor, Special Projects level 3 tech as well as other valuable experiences. I was hoping this will guide the young people who are thinking getting in to IT as their career choice and I should state clearly it served me well, I was only hi-school grad but I own things that most Collage professors where I live only fantasies about all big thanks to my CompTIA and other certifications, which I will mention later but most of all, I owe my career to the right position at right time because Technology so much like the finance there are trends, trends are like waves in the sea and the tech is the wind surfer who will jump on the right trend and ride the wave so as the trends in tech, right certs coupled with right connections, good head hunter  will result lots of fortune but also there is period of suffering comes with getting the right job in right company and the lousy jobs you have put up with along the way.
I will cover my experience, how I was placed, which position, my job description, which most companies will print and hand it to you, some other will post on a URL and expect you to keep up with ongoing growth of your job description. It only grows. Lastly, I shall give you specific projects I work for each job and show you exactly what I did every day and even show the material I kept within limit, some of these companies no more, so it is ok to share some info but some I will not mention. If I tell you whose paper shredder, I repaired during 2008 crash in Merrill Lynch that can be later used by the court of law as evidence so yea, I will keep some secrets to myself.

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