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Pillow Talk

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These epic erotic stories revolve around beautiful, curvaceous ebony women who catch the attention of white males with the chiseled good looks and bodies of underwear models.

Come Away With Me

Friends can be lovers, and lovers can be friends. When Tisha gets dumped by her boyfriend, she has to give up her ski trip, unless she can find someone else to go with her. On a whim, she gets Bradley, a man of a different persuasion in her circle of friends, to come with her.

They realize that they’ve been burying feelings the whole time, as their bodies quickly burn for each other. On the plane ride to the resort, on the slopes and in the cabin, ebony and ivory will create passion in the hottest ways imaginable.

WARNING! This story is super hot, very raunchy, and oh, so, good. It should only be read when you have a little bit of “me” time!


We were on the slopes, so it was time for me to unwind and enjoy myself, forgetting all about the fact that I had just gotten out of a relationship.
“You look like you’re about to fall,” Bradley yelled out, teasing me.
I stood on my skis, my arms shaking, as I attempted to hold myself up. My arms wobbled as I cruised along at about 1 mile per hour, and it was only a matter of time before I would belly flop into the snow.
Just as I was about to eat it hard, I felt a pair of arms scoop me up.
Thank God, I thought to myself.
When I turned my head, I saw that it was Bradley.

In “Rescuing an Ebony Queen”, Sabrina, a beautifully dark skinned woman, goes back to Charles’ place for a bottle of wine and some quality time. After a few drinks and good conversation, the clothes come off, and ebony meets ivory in the sexiest ways.


“And how do you like to have it?” I asked, rubbing my hand across her inner thigh, making my intensions clear.

Sabrina was speechless, obviously turned on by the little cat and mouse game that we were playing.
“Well…” she began, her voice lowering an octave.
“I like to be kissed… On my neck,” she began.
I leaned in and met her neck with my lips, kissing her ever so lightly. Her perfume filled my nostrils and intoxicated me.When  my kisses sent shivers down her spine, I knew I had her.

“Keep going,” I said, sliding my hands along her skin.

“I Want to Feel You Inside of Me” is a hot selling title featuring Yolanda, a woman who runs a hair salon. After a rough day of work, the handsome man who works next door steps in and invites her back to his place.

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