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Love Codes: How to Read Men's Secret Signals of Romance

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Learn the signs that prove he’s worth your time with this insightful and practical guide that takes the mystery out of first dates and impressions.

Separate the cream from the creeps! You think your date is warm, considerate, and terribly charming. But how can you tell if he’s really your dream guy or actually trying to deceive you? The answer is in his Love Codes—clues waiting to be exposed as to how a man truly feels about women, love, commitment, and marriage. Now you too can interpret the subtle signals that provide all the candid answers to these five key questions: He makes a great first impression, but is it for real? Does he truly want a committed relationship? What kind of sexual partner will he be? Will he be emotionally supportive? What is he secretly looking for in a woman? Love Codes gives you all the tips and strategies you need to turn promising beginnings into happy endings.

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