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Newspaper journalist Amina is ready to take her career to the next level as a published author. While doing some research, she somehow manages to come across an obituary of a woman named Paulette Ghram. The brief summary of this woman’s life intrigues Amina, and quickly becomes her foundation.
Paulette was successful, beautiful, powerful, and, in her own eyes, perfect. Married to the father of her two children, vice president of a fortune 500 company, and only 26 yrs young. It was only right she felt she was perfect. Until one night of celebration with the girls changes it all. Paulette’s eyes become wide open, and so does her hunger for vengeance. Needing to hurt her husband just as much as he hurt her, Paulette doesn’t realize the extent of secrets, lies, deceit, and life threatening decisions she stirs up from her love affair with Terrance Johnson. Even with all she’s learned and written, Amina hasn’t yet realized just how twisted things are about to get for everyone.
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Twisted - Porsha Denay

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