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I stayed here in the dark—a tavern of blackness—as my naked body looks around in this unholy world. My body is cold, cold like death. I wish there was some place where I can keep the nakedness warm.
I tried to look for shelter as I searched around in this black tavern. Then I saw something bright at a distance from the corner of my eye. I began to turn to see what was coming toward me. It was her, the one I’ve been urging for. She is the reason why I’m here. She is my obsession, my wishes, all the fantasies I can lust for. My adrenaline build as she got near. She was naked also with her pale skin and short dark hair. She wore dark stockings and black high heels with a dozen of black roses in front of her held in her hands. She aroused and excited me as she got nearer. She promised I can have her.
She stood in front of me as I kept my composure. She wore her dark eyeliner with the blush and black lipstick on her moist lips. Her perfume was enchanting, a wicked spell that can drive a man to melt on his knees in front of her. She had a young girl’s smile in a woman’s body as every feature of hers was amazingly attractive. She touched my chest then slid her tongue down slightly on it. She then looked up at me with sexual passion and promised me satisfaction and fulfillment. She then went back and sucked viciously on my chest as she slid her hands down from my abs slowly down to my thighs as I can feel her warm breath breathing heavily on my chest. I can feel wetness of her mouth as she sucks continuously on it like a desperate woman in need of a man. I can feel her warmth and forgot about the coldness around me as she pressed her body against mine. She lustfully looks at my chest and tells me, “We’re together, you and I.” She gently kisses my chest and gently moves her young lustful lips to my neck. I then grab the back of her hair like a sexual hungry barbarian and looked into her young sexy eyes. “Damn you,” I said to her, turning me into a sex-craved animal. I dived into her kiss, and then she slid her wet tongue into my mouth. I can taste the sweetness of her desire as she wildly grabs and hold me, wrapping her left leg around my right leg. Her body began to feel lighter as I suck passionately on her neck.
I thought it was just my imagination. I held her back firmly to look into her face and saw her face transforms from a young pale she-devil of sexual lust to a dry pillar of dust. She flopped in my arms?or of what was left of her?and then started fading into the dark coldness. I felt cold again as I shivered naked in the dark. Is it true, I once heard a wise tale. Do we each have our own hell we suffer in?
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ISBN: 9781499038705
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