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Children's Book - The Wolf Girl

Length: 22 pages14 minutes


Once upon a time, there lived a very wealthy man who was a favorite of the king of his country. The man and his wife had everything they could wish for – a very beautiful mansion, a large garden, male and female servants, cows, sheep, fowls, horses and other earthly possessions. In fact they were the envy of the other inhabitants of their country.

Just as they seemed to have everything, there was a very important thing which they lacked. They did not have any child of their own. Because of this, the man and his wife were sad. In fact they use to feel ashamed when they see other people with children.

Most nights when the wealthy man and his wife go to sleep, the wife would just be thinking about their not having a child, instead of sleeping. So many nights she would sleep only for a few hours.    

Just one night when she could no longer bear it........ she strolled out. In a series of events, she got a Wolf Girl. This is an interesting story with a very happy ending. Just get a copy for yourself now.

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