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I Remember Yesterday - A collection of those Silly Things we believed as Kids.

Length: 32 pages29 minutes


In this book, let us relive our childhood experiences. Let's recall some of those silly beliefs and expectations that we had. 

This book is a hilarious collection of those Silly beliefs or ideas we had as Kids. You remember them now: We all had them. And looking back now, we can not help but laugh at our folly.

Reading through this book will bring back those cherished memories of our childhood innocence. You can not help but smile as you read along.

There are many recollections in the book but just to give you an idea, below is one of such idea of a kid about Michael Jackson - the glove one. Read now and know that there are any more like this in this book.

"About Michael Jackson.

Oh MJ the glove one. May his beautiful soul rest in perfect peace. I was a big fan, so also were my brothers and friends.

When I was like 6 years old, a kid next door named Nick told me this ridiculous lie that I didn't figure out until I was 9 years old.

He told me that Michael Jackson drove a plane straight to heaven. He said, he just kept on driving the plane, "up, up, uupp, uuuupppp...!" And that when he got to the door of heaven, God was so mad at him because no earthly man was supposed to see Him but he was impressed by Michael Jackson's dedication and commitment to find him. Thereby, he gave Michael Jackson those glittering (shiny) socks and gloves that he usually wore while dancing.

Every time Michael wore those socks, he would be able to dance so beautifully; the socks were the magic behind Michael Jackson's dancing. Also God touched his voice; that was why he sang like an angel. Huh."

The book is filled with many other stories like above.

Get it and read many more of the children's thoughts. I assure you that you will be thoroughly entertained.

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