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Hypnotic Murders: Jim Richards Murder Novels, #16

206 pages3 hours


A woman walks into Jim Richards office with a story of how her husband died due to his participation in the stage show of a local hypnotist. The man later walked into a casino and shot a few people before he was taken down by security, and the woman blames the hypnotist for his actions. Jim takes the case and goes on a quest to find the truth. Was his death part of a plot by the hypnotist and his shady business associates or acting on his own. What was the motive for sending an innocent man to kill using simple hypnotic suggestions. Will there be more murders by other innocents? On the side, Jim’s mafia friend, Angelo appears at his door and announces he is moving to Vegas from New York. Jim puts him to work as a celebrity protection bodyguard and Angelo’s first assignment is to protect a young female porn actress coming to Vegas for a convention. Angelo takes on the job with his past expertise as a leg breaker for the mob. Unfortunately, the girl is kidnapped and Angelo isn’t happy. Will he bring in his mob connections to find the kidnappers?

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