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Trick or Treat Murders: Jim Richards Murder Novels, #30

184 pages2 hours


Winner of Honorable Mention in the 2014 Halloween Book Festival.

Halloween is approaching fast and Jim Richards is asked by his police friend Deacon to help figure out who is murdering one woman every year for the last fourteen Halloweens. They have given the suspect the name, “Trick-or-Treat Killer” but they have no idea who he is. Jim and Earl Daws go on a mission to track down the facts from the first murder that set up the rest of the kills. Could it possibly be a dead boy who came back from the grave to murder his mother and the others? The investigation leads them to the miles of storm flood control tunnels under Las Vegas and the discovery of the homeless people who live there. One homeless man recovers Willy from a man who dog-snatched him from Penny and helps Jim navigate through the tunnels as they search for the killer. Will they find the killer in time to keep one last woman alive this Halloween? This is the 30th book in the series about the senior sleuth, Jim Richards and his crew of crime fighters.

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