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Campground Murders: Jim Richards Murder Novels, #25

182 pages2 hours


This book is a crossover between the Jim Richards Murder Novels and the Fatal Series of books, both by Bob Moats.

While on vacation, Jim manages to miss the turn to Seattle and they end up in the small town of Brinnon, Washington. While camping in their van they meet Sheriff Dave Chandler and his wife Sarah. Jim’s curse strikes again, and there is a murder in the campground. But there is more when another man is kidnapped by the killer. Why was this man taken and what does it have to do with drugs? Are the murdered man and the kidnapped man part of a plot to manufacture a new drug to sell on the streets? The story takes a fatal turn when Penny and Sarah are also kidnapped and taken back to Las Vegas for a big demonstration of the drug's potential to the mob. Will Penny will be the victim for the test. This is the 25th book of the Jim Richard series combined as the 5th book of the Fatal series.

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