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Black Widow Murders: Jim Richards Murder Novels, #12

202 pages4 hours


A man is found dead in his home, covered in what the coroner says were multiple bites of the Black Widow Spider. But was he attacked by the spiders or were they put on him with murder in mind? A killer is now stalking Texas Hold-em poker players competing in the big World Series of Poker Tournament at the Rio Hotel in Las Vegas. Jim Richards is asked to track down the killer by both the police and the widow of the murdered man. After an attempt on the life of a second poker player, it is clear they have a serial killer, but what is his motive? To change the balance of bets in the big million dollar poker tournament or does it go deeper into the online world of Twitter, where a woman stalks the players? Is she a poker groupie with murder in her heart or is she unwittingly aiding an overly zealous preacher who wants to damn all gambling to hell? All in a days work for Jim, Penny, Buck, Lynn and Deacon along with new partners in crime fighting, Lacey and Mac, as they track down the killer before the Dead Man's Hand is dealt.

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