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Reunion Murders: Jim Richards Murder Novels, #27

161 pages2 hours


Some things are better left in the past. A letter arrives for Jim and Penny inviting them to a class reunion at their old high school back in Michigan. Do they want to leave Las Vegas to see people they knew forty-five years back. Do they know that when they get back, there will be a few murders of those past classmates. Will Jim be pulled into solving the murders. Jim’s friends Buck and Will Trapper tag along with Jim and Penny to Michigan and they get into the action. While they are gone, Lynn Carter, former Las Vegas homicide lieutenant who joined Jim’s firm is now being asked by the Las Vegas police to help solve the murder of an important Vegas hotel manager. She is asked to team up with her husband, Deacon to track the killer. Will everyone catch their killers in Vegas and in Michigan?

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