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Talk Show Murders: Jim Richards Murder Novels, #10

197 pages4 hours


Someone is murdering guests on Penny Wickens’ daytime talk show and it’s now becoming a problem scheduling new guests. Who wants to be next? Penny and Jim have returned from their mystery writers cruise and Penny has settled back into her duties as America’s favorite talk show host. When the first guest turns up dead that’s not good, but then the next two end up dead, that’s cause for concern. Penny turns to Jim for help since the police aren’t getting anywhere on the case. Jim must find the killer before the network pulls the plug on Penny’s show, even though her ratings are going through the roof, America wants to see who will die next. Jim, along with Buck, goes on a quest to find the killer but they don’t realize that when he runs out of guests to kill, will he go after the hostess? On the side, Earl Daws has quit his job as homicide detective for the Detroit police and has gotten his private investigator’s license then convinces Jim to let him join Jim's firm. Jim agrees and sends Earl on a case of a missing wife. Did the husband do away with her and is asking for help to cover the crime, that’s for Earl to find out. Action and murder in this tenth novel of the Jim Richards series of murder novels.

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