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Blue Suede Murders: Jim Richards Murder Novels, #18

206 pages3 hours


Elvis has left this world. He was barbecued in a pink Cadillac on the Vegas strip and there were no witnesses. But this wasn't the real Elvis, he was an impersonator in a Casino theatre and now Vegas Metro police will have to find the killer. But Lynn Carter, homicide detective calls on Jim Richards to help, there's just too many Elvises in Vegas at the moment with a Elvis fan convention going on. Jim agrees to take the case and then the convention people come in to ask for protection. It seems that a number of the impersonators have been threatened and Jim asks Buck to loan a few guards for the cause. All while this is happening, Val and Blake from the Florida serial killer case come into town to get married and Penny is delighted, until Val announces she wants to get married by Elvis. Penny is not a fan of Elvis and having her husband chasing Elvises now makes her a bit crazy. Will Jim find the killer and resolve Penny's worries that Elvises will be following her also. Good times in this 18th book of the Jim Richards series of murder novels.

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