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Sin City Murders: Jim Richards Murder Novels, #11

204 pages4 hours


A woman tries to commit suicide by jumping off the top of the Stratosphere tower in Las Vegas, the tallest structure west of the Mississippi, but Lady Luck prevents her from dying. Before she took the plunge she was released from a psychiatric ward for delusions that she has murdered someone. But did she really kill someone, or is she being set up. Jim, Penny, and Buck, have finally moved to Las Vegas and are trying to start a new life when murder calls again, not making Penny very happy. Jim is asked to help the delusional woman to find her murdered victim or help her to realize there was no murder. The police can't help if there was no crime, so Jim takes the case. Meanwhile, Buck tries to start a security service but has a run-in with a competing guard company that isn't so nice in requesting Buck to desist in starting his business. Buck isn't going to take it easily, so will there be a battle of the rent-a-cops? Penny has retired from her talk show but Vegas calls her to start a new local morning talk show, will she refuse or become a hot property in Vegas?

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