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Made-for-TV Murders: Jim Richards Murder Novels, #8

206 pages4 hours


DON'T READ THIS BOOK unless you have read all of the Classmate Murders! This book has many spoilers in it.

Jim has returned from New York after tracking down his kidnapped client, when Hollywood comes into his life. Jim has finally published his novel about the Classmate Murders and the book is being optioned for a mini-series on television. All goes a bit askew while he is on the production team for the film and his story is being changed around to suit the studios and not the way it actually happened. To make things worse, the actresses playing the murdered victims in the original crime are now being murdered on the movie set. Jim must now go through the murders again to stop whoever is the new killer and to protect Penny who is threatened for being the last of the original cheerleaders who didn't die. While all the movie frenzy is going on Buck has a problem of his own, finding a stalker who attacked the girl Buck was protecting, in this eighth book of the series.


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