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Mistress Murders (Jim Richards Murder Novels, #4)

182 pages3 hours


This book has been re-edited as of September, 2012

Jim Richards, the senior citizen sleuth, has solved the Dominatrix Murders and is now relaxing when she walks into his office. A gorgeous red-head with a husband problem, she suspects he's cheating on her and maybe getting ready for a divorce. Jim takes the routine case and when he reports his findings to her, does she take it well? To make matters worse, the husband has now been accused of murdering his mistress, but the facts are not straight, is he being set-up? On the side, Jim asks Buck to bodyguard an expensive Australian Terrier who's life is threatened and is about to debut at an AKC dog show, does the dog make it to the show or is it a no-show, or is the dog's owner in danger. This is the fourth novel in the Jim Richards series.

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