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Jenny's Turn: Haida Gwaii, #2

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This book contains mature content.

Jenny's Turn

How long should a woman in love wait for her turn?

Jennifer Winslow loves working for documentary filmmaker Jake Austin. He's artistic, talented, driven and successful. Working with him has been an exciting experience for Jenny, but lately a new employee has been undermining Jenny's role at work. Added to that, she's finally realized that staying out of Jake's private life hasn't prevented her falling hard for the boss.

After five years doing things Jake's way, she's had enough! The only way to get over Jake is to leave Vancouver and get right out of his life. But her flight to the Islands of Haida Gwaii isn't nearly far enough to keep Jake away!

… about writing Jenny's Turn

"I got the idea for my fifth romance novel, Jenny's Turn, when I was a college instructor taking a summer course on instructional media at the University of British Columbia. I had expected the course to be boring, but instead of learning about overhead projectors I learned about the life of a commercial film-maker and it excited me. The course didn't do much for my skills as a college instructor, but it jump-started my new book by bringing my hero to life. Jake was artistic, passionate, driven and successful.

Women loved him, but I needed a special woman who could become the only woman in his life. What if my hero didn't recognize the right woman when she came along? And just how long should a woman in love wait for her turn? I hope you enjoy reading Jenny's Turn as much as I enjoyed writing it – and if you're wondering what happens to Jenny's cousin Georgina, check out Stray Lady where George is forced to stay in one place long enough to fall in love." Vanessa Grant

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