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Doyle's Justice: Arthur Doyle, P.I. Series, #2

206 pages4 hours


Art Doyle, private eye, having solved his first case after opening up his business, is now hot after a serial killer. Along with his partner, Oscar Drew, they have to keep ahead of the killer since he's been dropping bodies at Doyle's cabin in the woods. What is the reason the killer is targeting Doyle to receive the bodies is still to be determined and the case takes Doyle and Oscar to the woods and then down to the back streets of Detroit. Is the killer someone from Doyle's past who he did wrong? While Doyle works to catch the killer, he's being a little distracted by women, coming and going in his life. Will the hot female bartender end up dead or in Doyle's bed? Plenty of chases involving cops, street gangs, and an explosive ending that changes everything. Doyle is back at it and doing it his own way.

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