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Mortuary Murders: Jim Richards Murder Novels, #15

208 pages4 hours


Jim and Buck have returned from Area 51 to chase down a terrorist bent on destroying Las Vegas. They saved the day and are now back to the regular routine, but Jim is given a case to find a missing dead body stolen from a local private mortuary. He goes to investigate the theft but runs into the murder of a funeral director. It's a dying business but Jim has to now stop whoever is killing people. He enters the world of pricey funerals, embalming bodies and Union strike threats, while Trapper is thrown into a murder when in Denver with his new girlfriend, Sam the bookie and former escort madam. Will they solve the killings as they wait for Sam's brother to have his sex change operation. Will Jim solve the mortuary murders and prevent a crime that could be leading up to a major attack on a visiting dignitary to Las Vegas. Find out in this 15th book of the Jim Richards murder novels.

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