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Area 51 Murders: Jim Richards Murder Novels, #14

203 pages3 hours


When a man is found dead on the property of the infamous Area 51, the wife comes to Jim Richards to find his killer. Jim takes the case and along with his friend Buck they go to Area 51 to find mysteries on every turn of the case. The killer doesn’t like private eyes snooping around the top secret base and Jim has to resort to dangerous subterfuge while he’s on the base to find the killer. Is the death related to the top secret goings on in Area 51? Is there a cover up involving little green men, or just terrestrial beings ready to kill? Will this case lead to the destruction of Las Vegas by a terrorist bent on killing everyone in Sin City with a new Area 51 virus. Can Jim & Buck stop him in time? On the side, Trapper goes off to find the missing brother of his lady friend, Sam the bookie and ex-hooker. Can Trapper find the brother or will he find something far more dangerous. All in a days work for the Richards investigating firm in this 14th book of the Jim Richards murder novels.

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