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A Fall Through Time: Stacey and Shane Mcleod, #1

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A strong wind blew in dark ominous clouds over the Dig at Druids Grove. The smell of wet dirt was pungent in the summer air. The Professor in charge of the excavation of an old Roman ville was worried that the rain would fill the excavated parts so she shouted to the students to grab hold of the tarps to cover the dig. As Stacey was running with her end of the tarp the ground collapsed beneath her feet an she fell into a void or vortex and passed out. As she regained consciousness, she sat up and looked around. She saw she was in a meadow and behind her stood an old Viking ruin stone. Not being one to panic easily she dusted herself off and started walking toward a stand of trees. About half way through the trees she heard a familiar sound, the sound of horses whinnying. As Stacey cleared the trees she saw a road and ran to it and looked each way. To her amazement, she saw a group of riders coming toward her and as they came closer see could see they were dressed in medieval garb.

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